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Boston Audiology Services - Boston Hearing Services

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Hearing Services

We are a full-service audiology practice in Boston, treating patients of all ages. Our priority is helping you be a more confident communicator, and we have the experience to determine an ideal treatment plan for every patient. We take the time to listen to you and to personalize your treatment to suit your needs. Whether you've recently noticed potential hearing loss, need new hearing aids, or are looking to protect your hearing for the future, we can help.

Boston Audiology Services - Tobias & Battite

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

In addition to testing your hearing sensitivity, we conduct a battery of tests that help us better understand your ears, your hearing health, and your ability to understand speech in different scenarios.

Boston Hearing Evalutions - Tobias & BattiteBoston Hearing Examination - Tobias & Battite

Hearing Aid Fittings for All Ages

We carry hearing aids from all major manufacturers and have the expertise to identify which hearing aids would be a good fit for you. We are also qualified to treat children with hearing loss and fit them with pediatric hearing aids.

Boston Children Hearing Aids - Tobias & Battite

All-Make Hearing Aid Repairs and Adjustments

We can take care of many repairs in our office, and we can make adjustments to the hearing aid settings based on your evolving listening needs. However, some hearing aid repairs require that your hearing aids be sent to the manufacturer. We expedite manufacturer-provided services for all major hearing aid manufacturers.

Boston Hearing Aid Repair - Tobias & Battite

Custom Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is the best way to prevent hearing loss. We take 3D ear scans or earmold impressions to create custom-fit protective devices. If you go hunting, listening to live music, or spend time in other loud environments, custom-fit protection is far superior to off-the-shelf options.

Custom Headphones

For audiophiles, custom-made headphones will make your music sound better while also being safer for your ears.

In-Ear Monitors and Musician Earplugs

We work with many musicians, including touring professionals, to fit them with in-ear monitors and custom hearing protection so that they can hear clearly and safely.

Boston Musician Earplugs and In-Ear Monitors - Tobias & Battite

Tinnitus Therapy

While there is no FDA-cleared "cure" for tinnitus, we have specialized training in helping patients experience relief. The majority of patients who engage in a tinnitus treatment program report significant quality of life improvements.

  • Yes, hearing aids really do help with tinnitus. If you have hearing loss in addition to your tinnitus, there are specialized settings in the hearing aids that can help make the tinnitus withdraw to the background. In combination with counseling, this is often as much as a person needs to make their tinnitus not matter anymore.
  • Sometimes, tinnitus requires additional therapies, such as the Otoharmonics Levo device. This type of device is typically worn at night, when you are sleeping, to trick your brain into no longer giving its attention to it.
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) uses cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with an ear-level masking device to help you reprioritize your tinnitus, allowing the tinnitus to become just some other background noise, like so many other background noises that don't matter.
  • We can also recommend other free-standing sound enhancement devices and smartphone apps. Tinnitus is most obvious when you are in a quiet space, so being able to bathe the room in a pleasurable background sound often is able to mask the tinnitus and give you some relief.
Otoharmonics Levo device for tinnitus at Tobias & Battite

Patient of Tobias & Battite discussing Otoharmonics Levo devices

Assistive Listening Device Evaluation

If you only need hearing help in certain situations, or if you need additional help beyond your hearing aids, assistive listening devices may be a good answer. They are especially helpful in classrooms, lecture halls, the theater, or other performances or presentations.

Digital Connection to Phone and Media Devices

Modern hearing aids can stream audio directly from your mobile phone or television. We can walk you through setting up your devices so you can start hearing better right away.

Boston Digital Hearing Connectivity - Tobias & Battite

Lantos 3D Ear Scanning

We offer 3D ear scanning with the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. The Lantos 3D Scanning System significantly improves upon current modern silicone impression processes with its FDA cleared, membrane-based 3D ear scanning technology. Custom fitted devices and custom ear molds are made to fit you exactly, optimizing comfort and stability.

Types of devices made from Lantos 3D Ear Scanning

Getting the most out of your hearing aid investment

latest in boston hearing aid technology - Tobias & Battite
Oticon Opn at Tobias & Battite
  • 45-Day Adjustment Period: We offer 45-day adjustment periods to give your brain the opportunity to awaken to sounds you may not have heard for a long time.
  • Demo Devices: We believe one of the best ways to know what hearing aids are like is to find out for yourself. Hearing aids are an investment, so we offer demo devices you can take home for a week to get an idea what it's like to hear better.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: All new hearing aids come with a warranty of between one and three years. We strongly recommend that all patients get a three-year warranty covering repairs and loss/damage, even if it means purchasing additional years of warranty.
  • Total Care Solution: If you purchase hearing aids through our practice, you are enrolled in a Total Care Solution, which includes the devices, your hearing aid evaluation, discount on batteries, in-office and in-warranty repairs, and check-ups for the life of your devices. If you purchased your hearing aids somewhere else, we are happy to adopt you as one of our patients, and enroll you in a Total Care Solution.
  • All Major Health Insurance Accepted: We work with all major health insurers that cover some or all of your hearing services. We'll bill on your behalf so you don't have to do any extra work.

Pediatric Hearing Aid Services

We have a board-certified pediatric audiologist on our staff, which enables us to offer a full range of services for our younger patients. We work with children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. In particular, we specialize in the management of hearing loss in very young children, as well as the management of tinnitus in teenagers.

Boston Children's Hearing Services - Tobias & Battite

New England's Premiere Hearing Healthcare Specialists

We've been treating hearing loss in the Boston area for over 45 years. Our compassionate, personal approach to hearing healthcare is why patients have trusted us with their hearing for generations. That patient loyalty means the world to us.